I’ve experienced them and they are paralysing. I was asked about them by the Psychiatrist Dr. Barbara SINCLAIR* when I was press-ganged** by the police to the public hospital ‘healing centre’ - Elouera West @ Shellharbour Hospital.

* I can use Dr. Barbara SINCLAIR’s name although the NSW Mental Health Act 2007 expressly forbids it, because my incarceration was not conducted under this Act, it was a wholly illegal affair!

** press-ganging - forcing men into military service without notice, was practiced by the Royal Navy in the 19th Century

Dr. Barbara SINCLAIR, asked me about their length and my answer was, “After 20 minutes they began to diminish.” In the Medical Records Dr. SINCLAIR has recorded, “30 minutes”. I’ve previously disputed that Psychiatry is a science at all but this Psychiatristdoesn’t even appear to be a good note-taker!

I’d estimate that it was almost 1 hour before I was back to normal from the start of the Attack. This 20 minute period, before a Panic Attack would start to abate, seems to be common amongst sufferers and I wonder why.

I’ve heard of one amazing Panic Attack on an American BiPolar blogPaul – December 14, 2014. “In 1986, my girlfriend …… “you will be the one”… and it came down in buckets. …..”. I’m envious – my Panic Attacks weren’t anything like that interesting! I’d just have to lie on my side in the half-foetal position andendure the severe discomfort and wait for it to pass.

I have read on the internet that enlivening the Throat Chakra (see figure following) is even more troubling than enlivening the Brow/Third Eye Chakra because the Throat Chakra is the more powerful of the two! I have also read on the internet that Panic Attacks occur when the Throat Chakra is being enlivened. My Panic Attacks occurred soon after my Mental Health Problem came to a head and this fits with the internet source of information.

Chakra Images

Enlivening the Solar Plexus Chakra allows the person to be more capable physically and this is the reason that someone is good at sport or some other physical achievement – see “Black Hole” No 7. Their other Chakras, above the Solar Plexus Chakra, have obviously been enlivened to a degree and so this amazingness may spill over into other attainments.

The abilities of the higher Chakras. i.e. Heart, Throat and Brow, are best dealt with by inspecting the file <2_initiatoryFRAMEWORK.docx>.Do a bit of research and you’ll find out that Psychiatry exists all by itself!