I think that everything associated with developing what is classified presently as the SUB-conscious Mind* is associated with enlivening the Chakras. During this process that there is some instability and I propose that there is some fluctuation(s) either between these upper torso and head Chakras or within one or more of these Chakras.

* In the future it may be classified as the “Limited Access Mind”

This phenomena, manic/depressive, is that well known that a Disorder is named for it! You’d think that some Psychiatrist, using a research grant or a student of Psychiatry at university, would have studied this commonly-known phenomena and discovered insight into its origin(s)!

Depression is therefore actually BiPolar Disorder – but at the extreme negative end. I remember feeling up for a very small time and then I’d crash into Depression and others have spoken of this too. Psychiatry already has a term for someone at the upper, positive end of BiPolar Disorder – its called Hypermania!

These psycho. Psychiatrists actually have another term in this category – Hypomania. I have one for them – Psycho-Mania where its absolutely stupid to keep making up terms which have no bearing on the treatment.