The person is highly-developed – i.e. their central-torso to head Chakras have been/are being enlivened to a degree and this makes them able to accomplish amazing things! This amazingness, after the person has recovered from their Severe and Chronic MENTAL HEALTH PROBLEM (S&CMHP), has already been known about for over 50 years apparently from correspondence between two (deceased) Psychiatrists – also see <menningerSZASZletters.docx>.

The idea of a link between "madness" and "genius" is much older though and the file <1b_lack_of_Understanding.docx> in the QUESTION column for Point 4 puts it back to the time of Aristotle!

I put forward that sometimes this amazingness is detectable before the person suffers from their S&CMHP. I’m one example of this. I won three National Sailing Titles (seniors) before I was 21. I didn’t have my Nervous Breakdown (depression) until I was almost 32 years old! I have one major advantage over most Psychiatrists – I had the personal experience of a S&CMHP and had to get better to support my young family. Its called “lived experience” now and the problems I had with the (mainly) Jungian psychologists I think were partly due to me wanting to take charge of my recovery as much as possible. This “lived experience” was a long and painful process. I don’t think that someone can be educated for this position and I would compare it to someone being taught how to climb Mt. Everest at university. Take my tip – use a Sherpa as your guide! In Shamanism only the one who has healed herself/himself is the true healer. There is asaying in medicine much on the same line, “Physician heal thyself.”

In addition to this “lived experience” I read widely, particularly about Metaphysics and Theosophy. So in addition to gaining the experience of what was occurring I actually gained the knowledge of what was occurring. I do admit that my knowledge was somewhat sparse until I further researched the SUMMARY of the information<2_initiatoryFRAMEWORK.docx> in the ‘letter’ <the_letter.pdf>as requested by the retired psychologist, who produced the Expert Evidence for me in the court case against these Psychiatrists in 2013.

Another example of someone doing something amazing before they experienced theirS&CMHPis John Forbes NASH – of “A Beautiful Mind” fame. He produced that Game Theory for which he won a Nobel Prize, In his early twenties, Nash was internationally recognized as a mathematical genius. While in graduate school at Princeton University he developed a brilliant new economic model about the ways that people and groups reach bargaining agreements. His fame increased as he worked as a young professor and an associate at the Rand Corporation.
At the age of thirty, however, he developed delusions about getting messages from space and was diagnosed as having paranoid schizophrenia. In looking ..

There are many others! Ian THORPE, “Buddy” FRANKLIN, Wayne SCHWASS, etc. – all high ACHIEVERS (see <highACHIEVERweb-page.docx> files). I have only included male, Australian, mostly former champion sporting greats so far. My apologies for not including any women and other nationalities. Anyone is welcome to suggest the inclusion of especially female, non-Australian high ACHIEVERS from any category!

Britney SPEARS Sinead O’CONNOR

This high_ACHIEVERS category extends to those who have not yet recovered from their Severe and Chronic MENTAL HEALTH PROBLEM (S&CMHP) yet – see <1b_lack_of_Understanding.docx>. At the 21 second mark of the video clip Bob’s trophies are shown, at the 18 minute 42 second mark Missy’s mum states, “… that she knew the words to every song ..” AND Steve shows panther-like ease in catching the baseball his father throws to him at the 44 minute 53 second mark.