“Black Hole” No 4 - ‘REASON FOR RECOVERY’

If you view the ABC television programme Q&A <Shine_a_Light_on_Depression.docx > you see Wayne SCHWASS, a former champion AFL player, hasn’t taken the pills for 5 years yet he seems OK – at the 50 minute 35 second mark. In contrast Fay JACKSON, Deputy Commissioner of the Mental Health Commission of NSW, at the 46 minute 50 second mark states, “.. the truth of it is that when I come off it each time I become more unwell ..”.

The obvious question is if such a thing as a ‘Chemical Imbalance’ exists, and this is the reason that a person suffering from a Mental Illness are prescribed Medication, then why does Wayne SCHWASS seem OK without the Medication (5 years) and Fay JACKSON has her Serious and Chronic MENTAL HEALTH PROBLEM (S&CMHP) recur when she ceases taking her Medication? To me this is the nub of the problem. Somehow Wayne’s cured – “How did he do it?” Anyone approaching this in a scientific manner would be investigating!

I propose that there is no such thing as a ‘Chemical Imbalance”. My knowledge supports the view that what Wayne SCHWASS experienced was transitory – like Puberty the acne caused by the hormonal changes lasts for a period of years and then for most people its over forever! Fay JACKSON, although experiencing the same thing as Wayne and myself, is yet to complete the cycle and gain the critical 3 rd Initiation, although it seems that she has gained the 3 st Initiation because of her “Chosen by God” belief (see < Shine_a_Light_on_Depression.docx > - top of page).

Further I would like Psychiatry to someone diagnosing a pregnant woman with ‘Fat Tummy Syndrome’. The observation is correct but considering the correct treatment of this condition to be based on this observation would be absolutely stupid and very likely harmful to the pregnant woman and her developing foetus! I had a Nervous Breakdown triggered by Depression like Wayne and I would describe it as the most fascinating part of my life! I’m still deducing and understanding things which happened over this period. I got rid of the Therapists, mainly Jungian psychologists who I thought were far, far better than the Psychiatrists I encountered much later, and read avidly. I recovered by choosing my own path, learning and applying that learning (mainly Dreams), and I’ve been questionedby very senior Psychiatrists and a retired psychologist about thisknowledge. The retired psychologist asked me to do a SUMMARY,of the information I presented in the ‘letter’ <the_letter.pdf>, which developed into the file <2_initiatoryFRAMEWORK.docx>. This web-site, www.NormalHumanDevelopment.com, is that experience!

To top off what’s directly preceding,I was questioned about what I’d been doing by a Hypnotherapist* I was seeing early in my quest to recover (early 80s), at a FireWalk conducted by himin the late 80s. He kept asking me the same Question, “What have you been doing?”, and I kept giving him the same answer, “Dreams”, over the night! (I think that he altered his therapy to incorporate Dreams – i.e. integrating the SUB-conscious.)

* 4th Initiation – a “little” above someone with a degree and other bits-of-paper i.e. a PhD