The less-common phenomena accompanying psychosis is Religious Delusions.The hyperlink to the file <1st_2nd_&_4th_Initiations.docx> revealsthe extent of this‘religious delusions’ “Black Hole” phenomena though – Pages 1 to 5. ‘Religious delusions’ are just the 1st Initiation“birth of Christ consciousness in the cave of the Heart (Chakra)” - see <2_initiatoryFRAMEWORK.docx> .

Not everyone is psychotic when this occurs though. I was in Art Therapy Class, supervised by two psychologists and I painted myself, wearing a white flowing robe, on a white horse. When it came around to my turn to describe my painting I said, “I know I’m not Jesus – but its like I’m him.” My psychologist froze! She was a Jungian psychologist – following the teachings of Carl JUNG. The other psychologist did not interject** and the behaviour of my psychologist was that out-of-character, we had a very easy-going relationship, that her extreme reaction stood out. I went to her at the end of the class and repeated what I’d said for the same result. It was only because I’d researched Theosophy that I was able to put the piece in the puzzle,but I realised this a lot later,maybe years. I’d undergone the 1st Initiation!

** My suspicion is that the other psychologist was at least a Mistress of the 1st Initiation as two Masters or two Mistresses, or one of each, are required to be present for a particular Initiation to take place - see <2_initiatoryFRAMEWORK.docx>

You are referred to the file <1st_2nd_&_4th_Initiations.docx> and at the top of the first page of the file alecturer in psychology at the University of Phoenix, Neil KROHN (PhD), is inquiring why Religious Delusions and Schizophrenia seem to be frequently associated on ResearchGate. Would someone tell Neil, “Its the 1st Initiation!!”

On the Symptoms of Schizophrenia web-page on the www.LivingWithSchizophreniaUK.org site under the “Religiosity or religious delusions” heading the following sentence appears, In fact it is thought that as many as half of all people with schizophrenia will develop a religious theme to their delusions*** at some point and that a members of the clergy are as likely to be contacted by someone entering their first episode of schizophrenia as a doctor.

*** 1st Initiation – “birth of Christ consciousness in the cave of the Heart (Chakra)”