Obviously ‘visual hallucinations’ are evidence of someone being fully psychic - ClairVoyant. This ability comes with the opening (enlivening) of the Third Eye / Brow Chakra. When I was undergoing treatment for my mental problems (stress/anxiety/depression) I had some contact with a Jungian Analyst and his comment to me was, “I’ve never met anyone as psychic in Dreams* before.” My return comment was, “I know people that just read you.”

* Actually being psychic in a Dream is just control of the Astral Body (2nd Initiation) – see <2_initiatoryFRAMEWORK.docx>. There is obviously some overlapping in ability(ies) though! (The Astral Body is the body “Wet Dreams” are experienced in.) I’d demonstrated that I was ClairVoyant in a Dream and the other co-convenor of the healing centre he was in charge of complained, “It’s like being psychically invaded!” (I never meant to psychically invade anyone.)