The problem with Psychiatry is that it does not understand the cause of what I term a Severe and Chronic MENTAL HEALTH PROBLEM (S&CMHP). In the scientific world this is termed a “tort” – everything that follows this initial error is therefore wrong!

These S&CMHPs source from the Sub-conscious Mind and the remedy therefore involves the Sub-conscious Mind. Dreams, Meditation, Art Therapy, Hypnotherapy and Guided Imagery/Relaxation are all valid techniques to address this issue.

For those that actually understand the Recovery Process from a S&CMHP, and there are very few, they know that the Severe and Chronic MENTAL HEALTH PROBLEM actually presents an opportunity to access increased Mental Power with the personal benefits and responsibilities associated with this progression. My recovery was hugely influenced by me assiduously recording my Dreams and attempting, in most cases successfully, to interpret these Dreams. Its quite a detailed process and very time-consuming but the independence I gained from doing this was hugely beneficial.