“Black Hole” No 1 - ‘HEARING VOICES’

Perhaps the most obvious is the phenomenon of ‘hearing voices’. This phenomenon is that well-known that “T” shirts are printed with this occurrence, in jest, emblazoned on them! The following is an example from one manufacturer/supplier.

Tshirt Image


Have you ever heard ANYONE provide a rational explanation for someone ‘hearing voices’? Alternatively have you heard of anyone even investigating this well-known phenomenon?

Science investigates anomalies and things which are not understood. It investigates until it finds an answer. I’ve hardly heard of anyone, associated with the Mental Health Profession, take an interest in whysomeone ‘hears voices’. ‘Hearing voices’ is a possible symptom of Schizophrenia and hence may be used to classify someone as suffering from a Mental Illness. All that has to be added to this classification is some likelihood of the person harming themselves or someone else and this person can be locked up in a Mental Institution!

Professor John McGRATH, the head of Psychiatry for the University of Queensland, thinks that there is therefore a malfunction of the brain in someone exhibiting this phenomenon, going wrong - that the circuits in the brain that underline language, hearing and speaking are tending to misfire." I note the negativity in Psychiatry in that there is a fault simply because a Psychiatrist says so!

I think that the Throat Chakra has been enlivened and with the enlivening of this Chakra comes ClairAudience- i.e. ‘hearing voices’! I would suggest that Professor McGRATH conduct a Literature Survey like I had to do when I was an undergraduate. I was not allowed to commence the Practical Component of my Thesis (Lamellar Eutectics – Metallurgy) until I’d submitted my Literature Survey and had itjudged as being comprehensive and thorough. I suggest that Professor John McGRATH undertake a thorough and comprehensive Literature Survey on the subject matter of ‘hearing voicesClairAudience! Alternatively Professor McGRATH could look up “ClairAudience” in a dictionary!

I think that the reader will understand my attitude to Psychiatry from the preceding paragraph – I don’t consider it to be science in any shape, manner or form. You’ll understand that Professor McGRATH and I stand on opposite poles! My comment is, “I’ve got a real degree!” AND ITS BASED ON SCIENCE!

I don’t understand why the professor has made the deduction that there is a fault once this phenomenon of ‘hearing voices’ is exhibited. To me it sounds just silly because obviously the same mechanism is involved when someone is “hearing” a song in their head. I consider our minds are like a portable radio – with the right tuning various broadcasts are “heard”*. When hereports that 2/3rds of the subject sample,some 20,000 odd people, ‘hear voices’ and are high-functioning in our society then surely any researcher would further investigate this phenomenon or report it to others in the field as interesting and worth further investigating.

I believe that what is considered the normal method of ‘hearing’, where the sound waves move the eardrum and that causes that wishbone thingy to move and where that wishbone is anchored to the nerves in the ear create electrical signals to go to the brain, ‘The Pantomime’. I think that sound is directly “heard” by the brain and so the actual method of hearing does not change when someone becomes ClairAudient. The brain’s perception is simply improved to make what was previously inaudible audible similar to a dog’s hearing where they can hear outside a human’s normal audible range.